Saturday, September 10, 2005

jus' so ya know

Anytime I post a picture, if you click on it, you should be able to see a larger version of it in a new window. The 'Death Star' loses some detail in the smaller image. Also, the sculptures are almost finished. I should be posting images of them on Monday. And I'm going to start composing for D.A. tomorrow. Most of my E.G. music until now has been rather...mellow...deep throbbing tones that seem to move as if floating on water. Some, unfortunately, have said it sounds rather new age, though I have tried to follow in the path of Tangerine Dream and (from T.D.) Christopher Franke (Babylon 5). The music always sounds 'space-like'...does that make sense? The stuff for D.A. is going to be much more rythymic...I've been inpsired by the new "Battlestar Galactica" themes and the opening 'space battle' theme of Star Wars III. I'll also be including more percussion...some will be from intruments I've created. I'll be playing a three stringed BUKKA (the name my elementary students gave the intrument I designed eight years ago) during the "love theme"...I have some PVC instruments and a yet-not-finished intrument made with Piano strings. I'll hopefully be relying a lot less on keyboard, though the opening theme is going to be played on a synth. nuff said.


elizabeth said...

yes, 500 a week'll be good. 2 days a week, four kids. Let's hope I get the position!


Have a great rest of the weekend.

elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to have depressed you.

But my blog is usually 100% raw emotion.

Bizzare, I know.