Wednesday, August 31, 2005

14 more

Finished...yet again...the fight scene is count - 439. I've also been thinking about a companion book to go along with the film. It could have storyboards, posts from the blog, sketches, interviews with the crew and behind the scenes photos. I plan to show this film at some public forum (several of the loacal theaters rent out their theaters for private parties and such) and we could sell the 'book' there.

a few more...

There are about twelve more boards I'm going to add...there is a fight scene that originally ended in three boards...if Gwenn is fighting hunters, they should be a little tougher than I originally drew them out to be...I'll be posting more images tonight from ITT.

Monday, August 29, 2005

high tech

I was listening to some old 80's tunes down in the studio last night while I was sculpting...high tech, eh?

And a little more sculpey...

This is lilly's body...not painted or sanded or even close to being finished...

The sculptures

I started working on a sculpture of is the head, not yet sanded or painted.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Some one asked me why I have two women, Gwenn and Lilly, (three if you include Danea) as the main protagonists? To be honest, Clarr has a much bigger role than Danea and more screen time than Lilly. But the reason was simple. In the first Entropy Gate book, There are two men, Michael and David, and one woman, Chen, who are protagonists...I almost always use three main characters...I just wanted to mix it up a bit with Darkness Aftermath.

Friday, August 26, 2005


The storyboards are done...I think...there are 425 now...

one more added scene...

I'm adding another'll probably be about eight or ten more boards...I think that'll do it! I'm psyched to work on the script some more.

415 and counting

Added more some more boards...up to 415! No access to a scanner today...bummer!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

378 to 406

I was sitting in my design class at IPFW today and suddenly had some new ideas for a few scenes in the film...a couple of nights ago a drew a few new storyboards, but now, after today's addition, I went from 378 boards to 406...I have a few more scenes to add as well...both new scenes involve digital characters. As I review the story and work on the script, the main focus has to be the battle between good and evil with good winning! One of my students commented today that the title, Darkness Aftermath, sure seemed like a depressing film title...I assured him that the film has a happy ending...and it does! The three new scenes will help to reinforce that idea!

On another note...I have finished the wire armatures for two sculpture is Gwenn fighting the Garum, the other is from a new scene in which Lilly confronts a DRIFTER...when I head out to work Friday, I'll use the work computer to post images of these sculptures and such.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

test footage

If all goes well, I'll be shooting some test footage this week or during the next weekend...

Art Show Coming Up...

There is the anual University of Saint Francis Faculty Alumni Art Show coming soon to USF. I was showing Justin the Gallery Director some of my storyboards and sketches. He sugested that I put them and the sculpture in the show. I'm thinking that that might be a great idea...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Monday, August 22, 2005

map of the rain world village

What's the movie about?

If you go to the Entropy Gate site, then go to the extended page, then got to Darkness Aftermath, then go to the'll get the outline of the story...or just click here.

this is cool

Go it. Do it now!

done with danae

Finished it this afternoon...

added some color in photoshop...more later.

Danea and Cllar

Two quick drawings. Danea, the hunter mentioned in an earlier post, and Cllar. I plan to add color later...soon hopefully.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

some other art...

here is one version of the image of Kayla that I eventually used for the EG web site...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cllar - Gwenn's Guest

Cllar arrives at the beginning of the the end, he and Gwen have become quite close and they take on the Garum in the final fight...he is pictured here with Lilly after the hunter's funeral...

Danea - The Leader of the Hunters

I'm going to need to find a woman with some serious muscles for Danea!

Gwenn at the Library

This is a sequence (obviously from the boards) in which Gwenn visits the library to research the history of Garum. The 'books' are wooden polls with 'brail' carved into them...I have someone lined up who might be playing the librarian...

Lilly Comforting Gwenn at the Hunter's Funeral

I'll start posting the character's images here...

casting...all ready?

But the script isn't even finished...I have three people potentially slated to be in the film...the lead, Gwenn (though I drew her as a dark haired woman)a young blonde woman has expressed a GREAT deal of interest in the part...I also have a person in mind for the Librarian and Clarr...but since little of this makes sense to anyone...since the script isn't finished and I've not posted much of the boards, I guess I'll have to start doing some artwork of the characters...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Gwenn's first encounter with the Garum

Here are the storyboards.
1.Gwenn leaves the clearing...fade to black
2.Gwen is sleeping...
4.the Garum moves past her door
5.she smells him...
6....and rolls over.
7.Gwenn emerges from her home with her swords
8.the Garum moves...
9.Gwenn listens for the Garum
10.Gwenn prepares for battle
11.loud thud as Garum's foot crashes down
12.Gwenn raises the wooden blades
13.The Garum turns but rain increases
14.Gwenn looses the sent
15.The Garum leaves
16.Gwenn relaxes her stance
17.Cllar calls to her
18.Gwenn replies that the Garum is gone

Hint: Click on the storyboards to get a larger image of them.

added a little photoshop...

Added some photoshop stuff as a demo for my evening "Instructional Design" class...

a little marker color...

I was doing another marker demo in class today using various warm and cool grays at 10% through 70%...

Graphic Novel image

As I mentioned, I originally thought about doing D.A. as a graphic cleaning out my studio, I found the original sketch of Gwenn drawn in a cartoon-like manner...

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I'm going to start working on a sculpture today of Gwenn, the D.A. hero, and the antagonist, Garum...I plan to use copper wire for the armature and sculpy...that means that I'll have to clean my studio today...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A little web page update…the guy who is helping me with the we page has had a series of family problems and I don’t want to bug him to help me get it finished…hopefully we’ll be able to tackle it this weekend.
Also, occasionally I’ll post something here or at the other blog and it won’t have a picture along side…but then, viola, a few days later there is a picture…this is due to the fact that my home computer is dial up and my ITT (work) computer is not. I can’t seem to get blogger to accept my images from the home computer no matter how long I wait.
And one final thing…this post is also on the other blog…the only time I’ll "double post" is in situations like this…

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dabbled a bit on the sketch...

I was playing around on photoshop looking for a quicker way to make rain...not sure that I'm there yet...the previous two drawings look more rain like but took longer to create...

More artwork...

I was teaching my wed. night Rapid Viz class at ITT and the subject was marker and colored pencil rendering. I created this image of Lilly and then enhanced it with photoshop.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I haven't had much time to work on DA

Been rather busy with editing and writing...I hope to post the storyboards soon and then post some costume designs...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

found something...

I found this...the very first sketch for Darkness looks a lot different than the current images...I don't even know who the big guy is supposed to be...

Just a marketing idea...

I did this as a demo for photoshop in the design class that I teach at ITT.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The boards are done and the first draft of the script is finished. Things are running a little slow as far as editing the animatic. Hopefully we'll get started soon. Tomorrow I'll post a series of boards on this site.