Monday, August 15, 2005

Gwenn's first encounter with the Garum

Here are the storyboards.
1.Gwenn leaves the clearing...fade to black
2.Gwen is sleeping...
4.the Garum moves past her door
5.she smells him...
6....and rolls over.
7.Gwenn emerges from her home with her swords
8.the Garum moves...
9.Gwenn listens for the Garum
10.Gwenn prepares for battle
11.loud thud as Garum's foot crashes down
12.Gwenn raises the wooden blades
13.The Garum turns but rain increases
14.Gwenn looses the sent
15.The Garum leaves
16.Gwenn relaxes her stance
17.Cllar calls to her
18.Gwenn replies that the Garum is gone

Hint: Click on the storyboards to get a larger image of them.

1 comment:

GARY said...

Very nice...about time you started doing stuff again with entropy gate...slacker!