Thursday, August 25, 2005

378 to 406

I was sitting in my design class at IPFW today and suddenly had some new ideas for a few scenes in the film...a couple of nights ago a drew a few new storyboards, but now, after today's addition, I went from 378 boards to 406...I have a few more scenes to add as well...both new scenes involve digital characters. As I review the story and work on the script, the main focus has to be the battle between good and evil with good winning! One of my students commented today that the title, Darkness Aftermath, sure seemed like a depressing film title...I assured him that the film has a happy ending...and it does! The three new scenes will help to reinforce that idea!

On another note...I have finished the wire armatures for two sculpture is Gwenn fighting the Garum, the other is from a new scene in which Lilly confronts a DRIFTER...when I head out to work Friday, I'll use the work computer to post images of these sculptures and such.

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