Monday, December 22, 2008

When does re-work become Lucasafucation?

During the premiere, I was a little disappointed at how some CG fire looked on the big screen. Ted did a bang-up job on the scene (which lasts a mere 4 seconds) but it looks a lot different on a large theater screen than on a TV screen. So we decided to actually reshoot the scene with actual fire. My buddy (and soon to be Grand-dad) Bob suggested that I was entering the Lucas phase of my film career rather early. I pointed out to him the Lucasafucation does not actually take place until AFTER the movie is released and accepted by the public. In a year, I can claim that I always wanted a prequel about the Garum before he became evil and that despite all previous interviews and blog posts, the movie was never about Gwen and her rise from lowly village dweller to Je- er, Caretaker, but was always meant as a series of 6 films intended to be the Tragedy of Darth Garum.

Still working on the proper spelling of Lucasafucation...

Thoughts, ideas?

I've been busy working on the audio...

...and am rather pleased with how it sounds now. I also moved three scenes to different locations in the movie and added a scene I had deleted earlier. There is also some added narration that we will record after Christmas and then...we assemble the DVD and YOU get to buy one.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today was the day...

Last night I got three hours of sleep as I tried to complete the audio mix...difficult when the audio files are delivered so late...and several are missing...

I started off this evening with a slight disclaimer...I mentioned that there would be several audio drops and some missing scenes...I also mentioned that some tracks would be all-together gone or too quiet to hear...when you mix audio with head phones on it sounds a lot different than when the movie is shown in a theater setting...

As the lights dimmed and the movie started, all was well...then we had the first dialog track and it was almost impossible to hear...more problems followed...but I won't dwell on them...

As I cringed, fought off the urge to vomit and shifted uncomfortably in my seat for one hour and twenty two minutes...the 50-60 people watching the movie (the room held 70) seemed to actually enjoy the movie. Despite the horrible sound, the audience clapped as the credits rolled. The really applauded and it felt GREAT! Ted and I have some work to do to get it ready for the Dec. 25th release, but despite all of the many flaws I saw, the audience seemed entertained.

It was a great night!

I have a lot of hard working people to thank for getting this done.

And, on a side note...around about the same time that the credits rolled, our lead, Danielle Magner, (aka Gwen) gave birth to a baby girl!


5 and a half hours to go.

Yesterday I worked from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. on sound. I was putting ADR in, as Foley and Music were done some time ago. Unfortunately there were three folders with files that contained no actual dialog...we had to leave the original audio in for tonight's show, but we can get it fixed for the DVD. Ted and I made a few last minute editing decisions so the DVD will have about five extra minutes not seen in tonight's version.

In all, I am happy. I plan to take a week off from working on the DVD and then get back to the DVD package on the 21rst.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We have one day left to us to get it done...

...and there are major audio problems...sigh...looks like all of Saturday will be spent resolving the problems...

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8 days to go!


No, I'll be fine...really.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DVD art sleeve insert

still needs some spell check and a few other things...but here is the rough...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

count down...

...10 days to go.

the moth and lilly...

I wasn't going to post any more images because we are so close to showing the movie, but Ted did such a great job last night with this scene that I had to put it on the blog.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Michael +Matt+Allen+Ted=FLASHBACK

Michael Clark (international star of The Planet (PLANET X as it is known in Japan) and One Day Removals) did some fantastic CG work for us. Matt (President of the IPFW film club and world famous night clubber) shot some footage at Lakeside Rose Gardens). Allen (rumored child of Sasquatch) edited the scenes together. Ted (CG man and stand in for Brad Pitt) worked his magic and we have a beautiful flashback sequence!