Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lilly vs Flying drifters...

Lilly Lilly senses the Drifters...she turns to see them FLYING! They have summoned dark powers to enable them to fly despite their lack of wings. Thick, black, powdery smoke oozes out from their burning bodies. Lilly uses a 'rocket launcher' to take them out.

Monday, January 29, 2007

This just in...

Andew sent this low res map of the 'land masses' of the planet. Now keep in mind...this is in the early stages...and already I'm psyched! Mawete also has some good stuff I'll be posting soon.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


We have another addition to our music team. We're up to four. I'd like two more for some extra diversity. Calling all drummers!

Ted's Stilts

There is a scene in the film where 'fruit pickers' are on stilts in the background while Gwen talks to an elder about a frightening new development in the GARUM's attack pattern. They will be seen through a haze of rain, but Ted has sent me some early, low res images of the base of the stilts. They are large at the base so that the harvesters don't sink into the mud.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Drifters are Coming...

This is sort of what I envision when the DRIFTERS fly in and try to manipulate the GARUM...Lilly blasts them with the "LAUNCHER"...I'll post Friday...hopefully...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

so...Kate Bush is who? She's a very attractive British Gal who has an equally attractive voice...she has sung with Peter Gabriel and has had several American hits...then America embraced Madonna and our musical taste went to that dark burning place where music becomes rap or pop and smothers in eternal dark embers of her CD!!!

I'm listening to "Hounds of Love"
tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 (creepy), 10, and 12


Talked to our lead drummer! She's psyched about our MARCH recording session...

We're listening to Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Blue Man Group, Stomp, and Christopher Franke! Let's ROCK!

And a little side son got bag pipes for Christmas...if he can manage it, I want him to play a dirge for the scene where Sy is floated down the river...Zack is 8, but he is SO TALENTED Musically...Thursday he is doing a demo at school on Scottish culture and bagpipes! A dad could not be prouder!

sort of...odd...

I've killed a lot of fictional people. In my Entropy Gate series I killed some of my favorite characters to move the plot and tell the story. But tonight, I storyboarded the death of the "Old Caretaker" who is played by my good friend John Gruse. It was surreal offing him with the attack of the GARUM. I found myself, as I was drawing the image of him turning in slow motion with a small blade in hand to face his killer, hoping he'd move fast enough to evade the vicious attack...but John died on paper and he spat blood. He'll be happy...I'm sort of wigged out! I'll post the boards tomorrow.

What a night!

I saw the digital work of the "tree harvesters"...oh wait, I haven't posted those scenes yet...

I also saw that my logo guy was creating sparks for the logo...

I added two new scenes to the film...

Oh, and my son had to go to the emergency room because he chipped a tooth at a basketball game when a cousin fell on his head...long story...quite expensive...

YET, the glass is still half full and brimming with great tasting liquids.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The new script is almost is far better than the original!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I've had a rare opportunity today...almost 3 hours of freedom to edit my second book in the ENTROPY GATE series. I've been listening to two CD's as inspiration...1) KASHMIR symphonic Led Zeppelin...if you don't have it...get it! And the "Last of the Mohicans" sound track...I've got so many ideas for our soundtrack it almost hurts...

John...a good friend...he must die...

John is a great artist and a good friend, but he is also the old caretaker and in scene one he passes on the responsibility of the caretaker to Gwen...he thinks that he will live out his retirement in peace, but noooooooooooooo...I have plans for him...he dies a rather gruesome death...gurgling, sputtering, coughing, retching...finally dying...


I joke that we are international now because Andrew from the UK is interested in helping out on our film...check him out! He totally ROCKS!!! You won't be let down. Go through his archives. Fun stuff, that. Anyway, here is a shot he is thinking about doing...

This is where Lilly transforms into a "being of light" and shoots past the camera...the camera then pulls out of the forest, past the clouds and into the darkness of space where the flashing lightning lights up the planet...(possibly) a comet (perhaps Lilly) passes by...fade to black, roll credits, cue theme...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Plot twist!

Last night an idea came to me...Lilly is obviously the 'angel on the shoulder' sort of gal in the story...sure, the GARUM is the villan and it's being tortured by the DRIFTER demons...but what about the 'devil on my other shoulder' sort of person. What if there were someone who tries to misdirect Gwen away from the prophecied "UNIFICATION"? Tara and Tess, two twins from church, did a skit where one played the angel, one played the demon, and they were the conscience for some sort of clicked then that the story could use that metaphore. The bad-shoulder-dwelling individual would be human. She would be the only person whoever escaped the clutches of the GARUM...and she would BE TOTALLY INSANE!!! Did a sketch...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

color concepts

the beggar who fights Gwen

His weapon is tied to his hands. The necklace establishes his rank amoung his tribe.

a hunter

This is the costume for the hunter Sy. She doesn't survive...a pity.

Clarr's costume...

Hopefully I'll do a shoot with Luke next weekend.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cranked out some more story boards...will post on friday! Hosed!

The Grind

Click here to check out the art show at the Grind...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Official DVD poster

I'm going to print off a few of these...

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Danielle really got into the costume. It's amazing how close she resembles the drawings...I was happy. The boots are not the ones she will wear in the film.

Getting into costume

It was at this time that I realized I AM THE GARUM! Danielle looks rather small next to me...that's a good thing.

Danielle as Gwen

Friday, January 05, 2007


I have a photo shoot lined up for Saturday afternoon with Danielle. I'll post pictures that evening.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Can't sleep...

Does anyone have any idea where the off switch for the brain is located?


I'm meeting with BRANDON tomorrow to set up a time to record the soundtrack...I only have two more instruments to build...I can't wait!!!

I'm beat...

I had my opening at the GRIND coffee house...I can't believe I actually filled the place with art and people...after the weeks I've had. What was really crazy was that this afternoon I realized there was a blank spot on the wall of the coffee shop and I actually cranked out a drawing in "Rattle and Hum" the DVD time (I started the drawing at the beginning of the DVD and finished it during the credits). It's one of my faves...I'll take photo's this week and post. I've had no sleep. On the bright side, Danielle emailed and we're shooting her this weekend...I mean, we're shooting pictures of her in cotume this weekend...I'm currently listening to the "ANGEL" soundtrack...Joss Weadon ROCKS!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Got some more stuff done for the film. I'm hoping to get some pictures of Danielle in her costume this weekend...gee, if only she would call me. (ha, ha)