Friday, January 19, 2007

Plot twist!

Last night an idea came to me...Lilly is obviously the 'angel on the shoulder' sort of gal in the story...sure, the GARUM is the villan and it's being tortured by the DRIFTER demons...but what about the 'devil on my other shoulder' sort of person. What if there were someone who tries to misdirect Gwen away from the prophecied "UNIFICATION"? Tara and Tess, two twins from church, did a skit where one played the angel, one played the demon, and they were the conscience for some sort of clicked then that the story could use that metaphore. The bad-shoulder-dwelling individual would be human. She would be the only person whoever escaped the clutches of the GARUM...and she would BE TOTALLY INSANE!!! Did a sketch...

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