Saturday, October 15, 2005

things that make you say...hmmm...what? oh well...

Some people just don't get it...I have the 'display' for the film up at USF for the faculty and Alumni show...a show in which no one from my graduating class showed up for the opening or entered anything...bad class of beer...but I digress...I overheard a student (one who has grown from below average painter to top notch printer in four years) talking about my display complaining that I did not put in a painting. Well I've put paintings in every year. This year my ART is the film! Some people (unfortunately a lot of artists) still don't see film as a real art form...their loss I suppose...

hopefully I'll be starting the "Behind the scenes" video this week. I have three designs for instruments and one built.

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Working Man said...

Ok so the student didn't get film as art, but what about all the storyboards, the models, the design work? Isn't the process art? Hopefully they'll get it one day.

Speaking of your paintings, do you know that to this day I can't look at gold-leaf foil without thinking of your Harlequin series? I'm sure you've done a lot of artwork since then (2 decades ago), but it will always be my favorite.

Keep up the great work. I know you must be loving it, elbow deep in the process. You're making me itch for a creative outlet. Hopefully soon.


P.S. You've inspired me to set up my own personal blog for fiends and family.