Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I've assembled about 110 out of 530 storyboards in photoshop. I've been tweaking the color of these black and white sketches so that the editors (me a some guiy name Greg...you know who you are) can color sinc the final movie for the proper mood. Deep blue for outdoors, a yellow orange for indoors, blue green for when the Garum is near, black and white for flash backs and story telling and finally, brown for the shots where Lilly confronts Drifters. I should have all of the images ready in about a week and then I can edit them into the animatic.

Last night at as one of many Christmas gatherings was winding down and I finished off my second bowl of homemade French onion soup, I did some reworking on the script. I'm trying to limit Gwen's dialog and define the Garum's origins better. I've already decided to include the original two sets of storyboads I made for the Garum's origins on the DVD. Had I gone the original direction, the story would have linked much closer to the Entropy Gate universe. As is, the only connection now is Lilly.

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