Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why Darkness Aftermath did not get made (yet)

1) Schedule conflicts among key players due to school and other commitments

2) People who vanished...i.e. my two guards who practiced one of the key fight scenes and then vanished without phone numbers or email adresses...shame on Jon and Loren.

3) Dedication...many who said they wanted to help, didn't...and they were key people...I won't name them because I am truely frustrated with them...

HOWEVER! I want to thank those who dedicated time and energy to the cause.

Carrie (Lilly) - When this movie is made, you have to be are forever in my mind LILLY!

Mary - Costumes were fantastic! Hopefully next year we can get this going again because your vision of the costumes opened a whole new set of ideas regarding the history of the people of D.A.

John - you actually made location scouting an adventure and your animation will rock...of this I am sure.

Danielle - You are still Gwen!

Dorian - you are the Libraian...but spell check man, spell check.

Kevin Rowan - thanks for the gym

And...well...I'm not sure...remind me who else came through...

there were others (and I blame you NOT) who had said that they would help with post production...sound, music, editing, I have not mentioned you (because you did not fail me), but you know who you are and you will hear from me...soon.



Andrew Glazebrook said...

You have lots of interesting concepts on your Blog !

allen said... do you!