Monday, November 24, 2008

Done editing!

Today I finished the FINAL BATTLE sequence between Gwen (shot two summers ago) and the Garum (shot a week or so ago in the studio at IPFW). All that is left is the rest of the effects that Ted is finishing up (he'll drop those into my edited sequences) and the dialog that Matt is finishing and the foley that I am working on and then the reintroduction of the soundtrack...that should only take a few minor tweaks and then we're good to go. Dec. 14 is rapidly approaching, but I have a great feeling about the finished product. It was nice to see the battle scene actually work and it looks nothing at all like I had envisioned or storyboarded three and a half years ago. Part of me is sad because I have been living this world of Darkness Aftermath for three and a half years now, but another part is excited and eager to see where the movie goes from here. I have had so many people involved in this dream...the magnitude of it is overwhelming. I used to hang out with some guys who always said, "we should make a movie" and then we wouldn' the new 'we' have made a movie. I'm rambling here, I know, but its a great feeling. I'm stoked! Friday Ted drops the MEGA LAPTOP off and I can put the music back in. That's when the dream really comes alive.

Why do I call this movie a dream? Glad I asked since none of you did...actually, I never gave you the chance, but if for some reason you were going to ask, now you don't have to because I did.

The DREAM: When I was ten, I saw Star Wars. Up until then all I had seen in the theater was Disney movies...not that there was anything wrong with that. I loved Herbie and the Apple Dumpling Gang and the animated shows...but Star Wars took my mind to a whole new level of thinking. Ever since then I wanted to make a feature length movie. A GOOD feature length movie. I think we have done just that. And honestly, I could not have done it alone. A wise man once said, "in order to be successful, you have to surround yourself with people who WANT to succeed and who are actually producing successful work!" Did that! Loved it! Thanks everyone for your help!


Michael G Clark said...

Good luck with finishing the film off for the screening. You'll be a buzzing happy thing when that happens.

I'll look forward to hearing about the premiere. And seeing the film of course.

allen said...

As soon as the commentary is done, I'm putting yours in the mail. We'll have cameras at the premiere.

Thanks for your help and encouragement over the years...

Michael G Clark said...

It's been great fun Allen. It's been a pleasure to work with such a nice people and I look forward to keeping in touch in the future.

allen said...

Well we could certainly use your talent on our next project that we start shooting in Feb. It's called "Beneath Shadows".

What's your next project?