Friday, January 23, 2009


Ted and I will be mass producing copies of the double disc set this Saturday morning...have your $15.00 ready on Monday! Let the sales begin.


jonzig said...

I had a copy of the DVD from China a few weeks ago... they're always ahead of the curve in movie pirating.

adsense said...
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Ric said...

My copy from BitTorrent looks like is was filmed hand-held in a classroom. It has some audio problems, too. :)

allen said...


This is a complete let down. When I sold a copy to the French, they swore they'd not distribute until after next week!


As far as the classroom scenes...those were leaked from our next movie Darkness AfterENGLISH.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I may wait for the Director's Cut or another 20 years for the remake !

allen said...

I've already revamped the opening scene so it says episode IV. And I've decided it's no longer about our hero never really was. It's always been the tragedy of the Garum. In fact, in episode one, well see the Garum creature as a cute little kid who can't act or deliver a single believable line...ah, it'll be so cool.

Actually, Ted has strict instructions not to let me tweak the movie now that it's done. I am 70 pages into the next movie script, so I wouldn't have time to tweak.