Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Just got some more canvas for the wrist ties and 'boots' for the costumes. I'll be finishing Gwen's up for next Friday's meeting...if all goes as planned.


jon the confused said...

umm... meeting? has a date been set that i missed?

allen said...

I haven't emailed you yet because I lost your adress...I was hoping this would get your attention or Danielles...yes...we'd like to meet at Saturday at 3:00 at my house...send me your email adress again and this time I'll put it in my adress book.

Anonymous said...

Dont buy any more costume fabric. I have so many bloody bolts of canvas, fur, and light weight white material and various other fabrics that are taking up space in my house.I would love to donate them to the cause.
Secondly, my husband is a machinist, and I know there is little use for metal in this movie, but if there is a need for specialized high-tech weapons or coms, we can use his resources. I dont check e-mail often so call me when you need me to start fitting people. Please excuse the spelling.