Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Film styles

One of my IPFW students today, after reviewing the blog, asked who he thought my style best resembled. There was a bit of a pause as I contemplated saying, “I don’t know” or “Me?”. He suggested that the images seemed a bit M. Knight-like and I realized that I had to agree a bit. Darkness Aftermath is a bit scary at times – like Signs and Sixth Sense – and it is about a spiritual reawakening or testing of faith – Signs. But as mentioned earlier in the blog, I’m also going with the Spielberg/JAWS school of thought by saving the ‘monster’s’ revelation until the third act of the film. I’m also trying the Lucas method of creating the ‘world’ and characters first, then working on the story (not to say that he’s the only one to do that, but I’ve been reading the ART OF STAR WARS 3 and it’s a fascinating read about Lucas’ creative process).

I am hoping to get more artists on board who can start improving on my sketches. Looks like the Jan. 28th meeting is a go, but we’ll start at 3:30 and go till 5:00.


jon said...

i think m. night also uses the 'save the monster for the end' style. in both cases you're saving the realization of what everyone has been dealing with, the truth of the situation, until the end, whether it's a monster or some kind of epiphany. m. night does it in all his movies, sixth sense, signs, the village... just like jaws, the truth comes out at the end, it's treated as a mystery.

allen said...

exactlly...until YOU meet up with the Garum, the audience will believe that the GARUM is 6 feet tall...in the actual scene, we realize that it's 9 feet tall.