Saturday, November 11, 2006

Danielle as a psychopathic cook

What a night…I got to ITT at 4:00 pm and we finished at 10:30…We shot half of the sword fight video (choreographed to the music from Final Fantasy 7) complete with me standing on the bumper of my father-in-law’s truck while balancing the camera on the back cab to simulate a rotating dolly shot that totally rocked…then we destroyed the teacher’s lounge for a TOOL video that had two chefs creating cookies without eggs…there will be images posted next week of both projects…it was a long day…

btw...danielle was the lead singer of the song...i still don't quite get TOOL because I'm almost 40.


Machinistscott said...

Hey, I'm almost 40. I "get" TOOL.
Well, I used to.
Don't you remember the song "Sober"?
It rocked!

allen said...

I also listen mostly to classic rock...can't recall "Sober"