Friday, November 17, 2006

we're on our way to nanotech

Introducing the nano battery,
as thick as a strand of hair

Friday, November 17, 2006
TEL AVIV — A university here has developed and patented nano-battery technology suitable for military applications.

Professor Menachem Nathan, head of the nano-battery project at Tel Aviv University, said the new battery, with the thickness of a strand of hair, was safer and could recharge faster.

Tel Aviv University has sponsored an effort to develop and patent nano-battery technology. A team of university scientists developed the technology for fast charge/discharge batteries that eliminates fire hazards of lithium-based batteries and could mark an alternative source of power for mobile devices.

"The battery would be especially sought for military applications in equipment used under extreme heat conditions," an industry source said.

Nathan said the safety advantage over lithium was not the focus of the research.

"The development of our technology wasn't actually geared to solve the flammability issue," Nathan said. "It was just a side effect."

Organizers said the university would seek an Asian partner for production and marketing. They cited such companies as Sony or Toshiba.

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