Saturday, March 31, 2007


Been messing with the two flavors...strawberry and chocolate...found that a 5 to 1 strawberry to chocolate mix plus some corn starch and a dash of Cabernet wine works really well...blood in rain...problem solved.


Michael Grant Clark said...

You should patent that mix, sounds fun. I'm off to try it now, I may favour a Spanish riocha though as I usually end up covered in that at weekends anyway.

allen etter said...

Nice. The color is not quite as rich as we'd hoped (thus the added wine...and what the heck, I was drinking it while working on the blood), but we are going to crank up the cool colors on the exterior shot anyway. For the interior close ups we will use the formula you sent.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Just make sure to have plenty of hot water and soap handy as the traditional syrup is mondo sticky. I remember reading about Tim Roth during the making of Reservoir Dogs - after a day's filming he had to be pulled out of the pool of blood because it had set into syrup cement. Nasty.