Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tonight we dine IN HELL!!!

"Uh...excuse me king, I thought I'd just pop on over to purgatory for a pint!"

As far as rallying cries go, "dining in hell" isn't on the top of my list! So, this is a review of the much anticipated 300! I sorta liked it...sorta hated it. What I liked was the nonstop action and the way the Queen dispatched the bad guy. I also enjoyed the cinematography...however, I also didn't like it. When it worked, it ROCKED, when it didn't it was just plain unprofessional.

Any close up of our hero worked...however, the nature of the beast (digital) makes every flaw the fact that twice I saw inoculation scars on two characters...not good. Also, any time that the ultimate villain was on camera, it was SO obvious that there were latex appliances keeping the piercing on.

Also, why, with all of the spraying blood, were our heroes never covered with blood?

Now, I did like the elephant attack, and, well, basically all of the attacks at the valley.

I also liked the "wall" segment...see'll know what I mean.

So, bottom line, I am inspired, but I also see what not to do...

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