Monday, April 16, 2007

what is this thing you people call...pencil

Last night my wife was prepping for a national review of her program and she wanted me to hang out and watch
TV (me thinks it was so that she would not fall asleep). But my wacom was upstairs in the den and I wanted to draw a new concept for Switch, the Garum survivor...I found paper and a pencil. It's been a while...

Well then on the way to work to scan it in, I spilt coffee on it and then the wind grabbed it and I had no folder so...I folded it. Tonight I will do a proper drawing with the wacom in sketchbook.


Anonymous said..., you had to return to the dark ages just because of your wife, huh?

On a serious note, do you have to use more physical pressure with your pencil than the wacom apparatus? I am assuming so.

Maybe you should split your time between both the wacom and traditional method of drawing. I would hate for your natural talent to suffer because of technology.

allen said...

Good idea...Actually the wacom stylus is pressure sensitive and works much like a regular pencil...I've always been light with the pencil allowing the graphite to do it's thing. I never use H pencils. I usually use B-B6.

Michael G Clark said...

I'm transitional at the moment pencil / wacom. Getting to grips with the tablet more now, but it takes a while to get used to the sensitivity.

As I have a comic background (well I thought it was funny) I usually use H pencils for later inking so I have a tendency to use fine lines with the tablet interface. Be much better if I could draw though.