Friday, October 26, 2007

So how is post going?

Danielle is being recreated by Zeke so that we can have her directly contact the Garum during the final scene. Ron is building the Garum. I am shooting images of the October clouds that are quite fantastic for Ted to use as background plates where the clear blue sky is visible.

I'm editing and Sean is making more music. Jon is working on the Drifters and we are looking for one more CG artist to cover us where Mawete left us is a flyover scene that will run at the start of the film...the camera flies over clouds and dips into the forest...Mawete has disappeared, a common occurrence when you are not paying your crew!


Michael G Clark said...

I can have a go at a flyover (fly through), I think I'm using the same software as they were. I'll put it in with the rest of the scenes.

allen said...

WOW! You rock, man. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing it. We have Zeke working on a CG model of Danielle for a quick 3 second stunt that I did not want her attempting.

What did we used to do before digital media and computers...hmmm.

Michael G Clark said...

I think we made everything from playdough and cereal boxes

allen said...

And Pop bottles and toilet paper rolls.