Monday, February 04, 2008


I have been enjoying Sean's music for some time now and have been cutting the scenes together using his stuff. But today he dropped off the final mix nd I am just floored! IT ROCKS! This is more than I could hope for!


Michael G Clark said...

Hi Allen,

I should have the rest of the shots for you done soon. I didn't appreciate how much marketing work on our current movie I'd have to do so that make me pretty stupid.

I'll mail you some shots form the animations later, the burning flyer is fun but the smoke particles take ages to render.

allen said...

Coolness! Looking forward to it. Just so you and Sean Townsend and the guys from Somnambulist Red are the only ones who are even remotely on track! Thanks for the great stuff you sent so far. We cut it into the movie and we are 'scratching' it up. We are also using it for the new trailer!