Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One hour and twenty minutes...

That is the current length of the movie. I am still short about five minutes of footage that I am still trying to find and about five minutes of green screen and SPFX shots. It looks as if the movie will be an hour and a half long. That does not include the end credits. I'm psyched. I've been trying to get this thing edited for months now and finally a solution was dropped in my lap. a great friend of mine hired me to video tape an interview and then edit it. He said that he could not pay me, but he would let me use his TOSHIBA (his brand new TOSHIBA) Laptop to edit my movie. For two weeks now I have been editing and am almost done. When I realized the task of taking all that I had edited up until the TOSHIBA and cutting it into what I was about to edit, I scrapped it all. Two weeks ago I started fresh. I am extremely pleased with the results. Next week we (the team and I) will pick a night to view the rough cut. Can't wait for the SPFX to come in.

I'm hosed! Good night.

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Michael G Clark said...

Well done on that giant load of editing.

Just checked out the manga on Sally's blog and thought it was cool. I like that style.