Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Last night I did the final cut of the movie. I put in blank forest scenes where Ron will add the GARUM and where Ted will add the DRIFTERS. And then...I restarted my computer to play back what I had done. However, instead of a free flowing movie, I saw that the footage needed to all be re-rendered.

The line of edited 'stuff' should look like this...

All of my dissolves and fades and dips should have been rendered, as should have my color corrections. However, when I opened my file, all of the transitions and color corrections were not rendered. They had the red stripe of death about them...which meant that they had to be re-rendered...the computer complained that it would be a three hour task...however, every time I tried this, it kept locking up.

Finally (around 3:00am) I gave up and today dumped everything onto Ted's computer. He will fix it and life will be good again...I hope.

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