Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Spent the whole day doing construction work for a friend. I arrived on the site and found that the person who was working on the house before me had not finished his job. I spent all day finishing his work. Tomorrow I start doing the job I was hired to do. Things were going okay until the nail gun shot a nail into my palm. It was surprisingly painless, though it bled like a spigot. I know, I know, takes real talent to shoot yourself with a nail gun. I put a bid on a barn that I might paint. If that falls through for Friday, I'll be back on the computer at IPFW doing some more Rain Effects with my new favorite program.

Oh, and Ted, your fired!

Just kidding...thought you might be missing the luv!


Ted said...

I am feeling the love, so are you going to wait till Christmas to finish the Jesus impression? Oh, I will be back to work on the movie this weekend fulltime, and I start my new job this next week. Seven days on seven days off, so you will start seeing discs and emails coming your way. I would love to see a disc of the digital rain scenes when you have them done, to put my 49% opinion in.

allen said...

Are you insane? We have already had more problems with this movie than I can count and you make fun of Jesus?!?!

Looking forward to seeing some new stuff. I'll send the rain when I have a disc burned.

Anonymous said...

Ouch Bro! I'm gonna have to take away your power tools. :-)