Monday, December 01, 2008

Michael +Matt+Allen+Ted=FLASHBACK

Michael Clark (international star of The Planet (PLANET X as it is known in Japan) and One Day Removals) did some fantastic CG work for us. Matt (President of the IPFW film club and world famous night clubber) shot some footage at Lakeside Rose Gardens). Allen (rumored child of Sasquatch) edited the scenes together. Ted (CG man and stand in for Brad Pitt) worked his magic and we have a beautiful flashback sequence!


jonzig said...

oooooo... ghostly and 'flashback'-y

FYI: I posted scans of the initial panels

Michael G Clark said...

That's great, I like the washed out look to blend the cg and live action. Well done chaps.

Ted said...

Thanks for the compliment, it is the only way I could see doing it, so that it all looked like it was from the same location.

Michael, do you have a webcam? If so, we need to talk, because we would love if we could at least get you via webcam at the Q and A portion of the premiere, or even the premiere itself.

Michael G Clark said...

eek a webcam! I don't have one. I'm sure you can all get by without me ranting at whatever time in the morning it would be over here.

Not that I'm scared of course.

Ted said...