Thursday, February 09, 2006

eyes...the problem...the solution

I've mentioned this before, but others have asked so I'm explaining again. The question: "Why aren't you using experienced actors in your film?" I am to some degree, but I'm also looking for people who 'fit the part' physically and attitude-wise. Most actors (most people in general) act (or express emotion) primarily with their eyes. Watch good actors (Anthony Hopkins or Sigourney Weaver as two examples). Their eyes tell the story. Hannibal Lector has completely different eye movement than, say, C.S. Lewis (Shadowlands). The space heroine in Alien uses her eyes to emote fear, anger hatred yet can bring out seduction and humor in Galaxy Quest.

So...since all of the actors (except for Lilly) are blindfolded, they'll be acting with the rest of their bodies and with their voice. Thus, voice and physic over experience.'s just a I first heard from Kevin Smith re: Ben Affleck in "Daredevil".


Anonymous said...

Great eyes! Who might the woman be?

allen said...

My wife.

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