Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Musical Instruments

Here is a three stringed instrument (lower) and a one stringed drum (upper) called a Thunder Tunnel. The three string is played by running your finger along the neck holding down only the bottom string. The upper strings are not depressed (though sometimes a little sad...ha ha) but are strummed and play as drones. The Thunder Tunnel consists of a piano string that echos through the PVC pipe when struck.


allen said...

this and the two photos above were taken by the film's still photographer Lana Mabbitt. Other photos of hers can be found at the 989thebear site...she's the one standing next to Will Smith.

Anonymous said...

this looks great! i bet it sounds intriguing. how are the other instruments coming along?
hope you are well!

(former drawing 1 student)