Thursday, February 09, 2006

fighting has begun

On Feb 16 (that's next Thursday) Danea's bodyguards begin their training. I've expanded their firght sequence because Laren and John are so much into their characters. Both have agreed to shave heads into a mohawk-like style when filming begins because they "really want (our) guys too look like bad warriors!"


Jerivs Presley said...

Due to a recent death of a friend i will be attending a funeral thursday, but worry not because john will be making his way down to meet you. his phone number is 1-260-367-1920. make sure he gets down there and aquires the script and fight choreography. im really liking the sword you made, its rediculously big. keep up the good work. if you want i will be able to come down friday morning/afternoon. and if you could be so kind as to email me directions to the meeting points to me at it would be greatly appreciated. im ready to die for you.

allen said...

John did not make it or return my calls or emails...sort of bummed about meeting is one week from Sunday...we've reserved space at New Haven High School's gym...can you two be there?