Saturday, May 12, 2007


Today's shoot was all I had hoped for and more. We did tests with Lilly (Trina) and Gwen (Danielle). We tested Lilly's weapon and we shot Lilly get rained on. Gwen had it a lot worse. She was rained on and soaked with very cold water. The behind the scenes footage that Ted shot got that "AAAAAAH!" scream and look from Danielle as we sprayed her. Then we made her fall down in a large puddle of water, she got a mouthful, and had her running blindly through the forest. We did some blood tests too and she had the chance to "punch" me. The blood worked well...REALLY well. I'll post shots tonight when Ted sends them.

Blood Recipe

5 parts strawberry syrup
1 part chocolate syrup
2 parts dark red wine

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