Friday, May 04, 2007

Sound track

These guys are doing three tracks on our film...tonight I saw their project. It was a silent film with the crew providing live music. I have to say, the music was so fantastic that it almost overshadowed the film at times. And that was a good thing. It wasn't JUST a movie soundtrack. The two (film and music) worked together and competed with each other. I am looking forward to seeing the film on DVD with the original soundtrack. There is a magic that happens when people play live and that magic was there this evening. Sean is going to write four songs for our film! YAY! Then I get to pick the best ones...I need three from these guys...But you know what....tonight, any of their songs would have fit in well with our film. They are Tangerine Dream and Angelo Badalamenti (sp) rolled up into a nice sandwich of original music that is just PERFECT for our film. MAGIC!!!!

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