Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Falling off the face of the Earth...

I probably won't post for the next few some of you know, I am the director of a rather unique theater troupe. All 42 of my performers are children and young adults with special needs (non P.C. term is handicapped). I write a musical, compose the music, direct the thing and hope that all goes well and no one has a seizure on stage (which has happened) or gets sent to a hospital two days before the show (happened with my lead last year) or no one walks off the front of the stage (almost happened a few years ago with a blind girl).

These next few days are the most stressful days of the entire year. I would rather deliver a speech to angry art critics who hate my paintings while a badger chews my foot off than go through this weekend. I honestly believe that this will be my last year doing this. Say a prayer, wish me luck, buy a ticket or simply knock on wood...whatever works for you. Sunday night I will be sane again.

Bring it on!

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Sally said...

I wish you lots of luck. I'm still toning away. ;3