Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slept all day Monday. Slept in today.

It's Spring break at both schools that I teach at so I'm relaxing a bit during the day. But at night, I'm an editing/color balancing fool! Ted and I had originally discussed making a 'filter' for the movie to get the desired effect. However, some shots are much brighter than others and my original idea was to use color to set the mood of certain scenes. I am therefore color correcting each scene. I have almost one hour completed and starting next week we'll be doing ADR.


jonzig said...

heya! it was good to see you at your 'par-tay' and the rest of the crew, some again, some for the first time... all good people in my book

hope the mrs. is feeling better.

allen said...

She managed sleep last night and woke up with out the migraine! Yay!