Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Exciting stuff on the horizon...

Matt and I have been talking about how to finish this movie...and it needs to get finished before people start killing me...and by people, I mean everyone who has heard me talking about this movie for the PAST THREE YEARS!

Problem at hand 1) missing footage. Three key scenes are gone and there is no way to recapture them due to budget, costume and availability of actors.

Problem at hand 2) Green screen scenes of Gwen fighting the Garum are no longer possible due to the fact that Danielle is expecting a baby

Problem at hand 3) CG work is just not getting done.

Problem at hand 4) the scene with the warriors running into the forest to slay the Garum is about ten warriors short.

Problem at hand 5) the sound still hasn't been done yet.

And now the solutions.

#5 - Matt has informed me that Studio M is back up and running and better than ever!
#4 - Matt has convinced many 'warriors' to run blindly through the woods this Saturday and we are going to shoot it! Go MATT!
#3 - Give Ted and Ron $1,000,000 each to complete their CG work...okay...still working on that. Apparently these two are feeding kids and both are married and want to live in houses...
#2 - see #3...we'll make the fight at the end with the CG Gwen and dump lots of rain during the scene.
#1 - With some creative rewriting and two new scenes with Tarina (as Lilly) and Liegh Denton as 'the mysterious stranger' (real name to be revealed in the credits) we can actually fix the continuity and have an ending to the movie that has until now eluded me. (unfortunately one of our characters who previously lived...will now have to die...)


Ted said...

Hey! So I guess Matt is the new Ted? :) Anyway, I plan on being back in town the first week of October, and you will be thrilled once you see what I have done. All I need to do for some of it is to render it out with the whole sequence of the scenes.

Michael G Clark said...

That's nice news about Danielle, but how inconsiderate, getting all bumpy when filming is needed! We never had that problem on The Planet. Well, apart from Graham's head.

Mark did a scene in the new film were me and one other guy were turned into a squad of rampaging cops, perhaps you could replicate a lot of the warriors from the shoot on Saturday?

Ted said...

That is what I told him

Michael G Clark said...

See, Ted told you :)