Saturday, September 06, 2008

WHAT A DAY! Wish every day was this much fun...

Started off with a breakfast of 3 sunny side up eggs, a pound (or so) of hash browns, three sausage patties and two slices of whole wheat toast and 5 cups of coffee. Then it was out to the woods to reshoot and do some extra shots to make our 'warrior' scene more exciting. Matt brought in his team from the IPFW film club and they did a fantastic job. Dan took great photos (about a million) that I need to go through before I can post the...but I will post them Sunday night. So special thanks to Will, Liegh (whose name I have misspelled) Tarina, Chris, Kelsey, Matt, Stephanie, Andy, A-Dub, and Dan.

Also on the forefront, Somnambulist Red has done a fantastic job of creating the atmosphere of the movie. Without Sean and Jay and the guys we would not have the FEEL of the movie. They have changed the story direction and color of it in ways I did not anticipate so hats off to them. I have finally finished the music editing.

And one last bit. I have been trying to find someone who is the opposite of S.R. for the end credits, yet someone who could exist in their world...does that even make sense? Well I did. Check these guys and gals out. They are writing the end credits theme.

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