Monday, July 09, 2007

A few points of interest...

1) Sunday we added Stephanie to our ranks as actress (not just prop master anymore) and she did fantastic.

2) Don't give Adam sharp objects and a blind fold. As he entered the scene, he unexpectedly went into this wild thrashing bit with the weapons in his hands and missed both Sally and Stephanie by mere inches...proof that all of our actors are REALLY blindfolded as neither girl moved.

3) I've been asked by three people this week what our budget is...I counted the receipts and was happy to see that I have spent about $85.00. The trip to the vet today was way over that...we could have financed a sequel with the vet bill.

4) Watched the "director's cut" of Daredevil...what a fantastic film. Why was the other version even released?!?!? It's like "The Professional" and then watching "Leon - the Professional"

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Michael G Clark said...

I didn't get into Daredevil but I haven't seen the director's cut. Seen both versions of Leon (The Professional) and they are great.