Sunday, July 22, 2007

Great day of shooting.


Despite the bright sun and the fact that a communication error caused Luke (our male lead) and Lorren (the crazy guy with the spikes at his elbows) to miss the shoot, we had a good day. As it turned out we would not have been able to shoot them any way as we were on a limited shooting schedule. We got a lot done in just three hours.

Matt climbs the ladder to shoot the confrontation between Core (Adam) and Gwen (Danielle) However, all of Adam's scenes were shot two weeks ago and he had a limited amount of shoot time. These shots were of scenes where he was not actually in the frame.

One of the scenes was Sallel (Sally) confronting Gwen before the fight with Core. The water was FREEZING and I was worried Sally was going to go into hypothermia. We kept towels close by.

We used my arm as a stand-in for Adam's and Danielle got to kick my hand about ten times or so...maybe less. The last one was perfect and hurt! The tree house in the background won't be in the film...but we were thinking about including vikings...vikings and monkeys...relax Ted...I'm joking.

"Everybody was Kung-foo fighting..."

Then it was off to Flower Hill to shoot Lilly (Tarina) looking into the sky for Drifter Demons.

Lilly falls to her knees as she is overwhelmed by the Demons and she has to explode to kill them. Yes...I said explode.

The only odd thing that happened on the shoot was when we had Tarina's shot lined up and the clouds directly overhead dissolved into a weird mist and a circular rainbow appeared directly over head. We lost our light (or shade actually) but the odd rainbow was cool to see.

The rainbow is sorta hard to see...but it's there.

Battle of the finger pointers with poor Said caught in the middle. His hat wins best head cover award if there was such an award given out.

The scene looks like...well, it's supposed to look like...forget it...I'll shoot it myself. Actually it was more of a situation where I just couldn't figure out what I wanted unless I was looking through the viewfinder.


Ted said...

Why joke? I don't think you would take it far enough, we don't only need vikings, we need midget viking clowns.

allen said...

Midget viking MONKEY clowns.