Sunday, July 15, 2007

I can not WAIT until next week!

Last night it rained. My 9 year old, Zack, said, "Why don't you put a plastic tarp over the chalk walk image and duct tape it down." So he and my wife did that and it survived the rain. Many pieces did not survive.

When I arrived today to work on it I found that the IDIOT security dorks had driven over several chalk pieces (mine as well) and ruined them. My image survived the rain, but their golf cart tore back some of the tarp and allowed water to damage Lincoln's face and several other areas.

I spent 12 hours total on the image...I'm hosed.

Can't wait to shoot next week...bummed that I only have 3 weeks left. As the french say, "Such is life." Only they say it in french.

Below is the damage that the security caused when they drove over the tarp. What a bunch of wankers!

A few action photos of me drying out in the heat...

Finally done!


Michael G Clark said...

That's pretty impressive, Allen. Are the little bluecoats in the picture your sons? Nice Abe by the way, he looks just like he did in Star Trek.

allen said...

Yeah, they're my boys. Didn't he end up with a spear in his back in that episode?

Michael G Clark said...

You may be right about the spear, haven't seen that episode in years.

It's a real pitty a buggy full of nazis ran over your art, it was good work.

allen said...

The worst part was the guy in the fedora with a whip tied onto their axle being dragged behind them.

Michael G Clark said...

I did hear he was coming back.

Indiana Jones 4 - The search for the golden walking frame.