Saturday, July 14, 2007

A good day!

We got to Main Street at 8:00 am and I painted my 8 ft x 8 ft square with white tempera. Last year some one used Acrylic and the white square was there for about six months.

Then I unloaded the proper gear. Pastels, charcol, gloves, rags, liquid refreshments.

This year I am doing an image of Lincoln with two young soldiers.

I still have about 4 more hours to go and I'll do that tomorrow morning when its cooler. I stopped around 3:45 today.

Everything was going fine until the Stormtroopers arrived with a loan Tuscan Raider. These guys were in the parade for some reason...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

This looks like loads of fun, never painted anything big before, I remember seeing a pavement artist outside York Minster here in the UK doing some brilliant work a few years back, I've also seen some who do their work on large canvas's so they can sell them afterwards.
One of the chapters of the 501st were at Whitby a few months ago, my Mam and Dad had taken my Daughter and Niece through to their caravan for a weekend and they phoned me and said they were surrounded by stormtroopers collecting for charity, me I think they're raising money for a 3rd Death Star ! :)

allen said...

A third? It took them 20 years to build the first and 2 yeas to build the second. It should only take a few days for a third...

I finally have feeling in my hands and my fingerprints seem to have returned.