Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Call me a goof!

I'm in entertainment heaven right now. As per my last post, I mentioned that I was watching A. Season 4 of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" and B. Season 2 of "Bones"...and guess what...on the fourth disc, STEPHEN FRY guest stars as a British SHRINK! I'm having a great night. And on top of it all, HOUSE starts up next Tuesday. I am such a simple man.

And then of course...Alex Winter (of Bill and Ted) is in this episode as a "Girls Gone Wild -like-director-Super CREEP!"


Michael Grant Clark said...

You are such a fan-boy.

How is season 2 of Bones? I've just finished watching the first series on UK tv, I thought it was quite funny and I liked the characters. Kept wondering why Angel didn't do his gnarly face, though?

allen etter said...

No Gnarly face yet...but the writing is even better and they keep delving into the characters. Unlike the CSI crap shows, this actually has people in it who (gasp) change and grow as human beings.

Now if Hugh Laurie shows up as one of Fry's patients...well, that could be cool too...

Michael Grant Clark said...

I think Fry would be excellent in House, but only if he was called Watson.

Apparently House's character lives in Appartment 22 room 1b. Don't know if it's on Baker Street though.