Friday, September 28, 2007

Pick ups...

Here are some images shot by Jay Carroll.


The only time you will EVER see Danielle in a skirt.

Debbie taunts Danielle.

Me and Ted.

Danielle impaled through the thigh. (and apparently a small child has been squished between me and Ted)


More blood.

Sam pouring even more blood onto a weapon

The fight

The make up.

Danielle chilling with Teddy jr.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's a mighty big tooth pick you're sharpening there !
Very nice pics,hope you have all the footage you need now.

allen said...

Close. We have two shots with the mechanicaal arm, a close up of Lilly's hand (to put a CG blue firefly on) and then a close up of Danielle's hand 'reading' brail-like carvings on a peice of wood. They caan all be done some sunday afternoon in my back yard. We'll just rake the leaves away.

Michael G Clark said...

I see you've got heaps of bleed in those scenes, great fun. Looks like you had a good day for it too.

allen said...

Yes. We're going to wash the scene out really high contrast, almost black and white except for the blood. BRIGHT RED! It's a flashback to Gwen before she became a fighter. She gets ambushed by Danea.

&Rew said...

you can never have too much blood! well, i guess you could have too much blood on the inside - that's called plethora... and if you have too much blood on the outside, it's called dead.

i take it back. you can have too much blood.

cool pics.


allen said...

Thanks for dropping by.