Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Canon XL1 was created by Satan

I used to have a love/hate relationship with the CXL1 because it delivered great images when it worked. I blamed the mangled tapes on the abuse that the CXL1 had endured until this weekend. Now it is a HATE/HATE relationship. We had two cameras. One performed quite well. The other, OUR MAIN CAMERA, produced some less than acceptable footage. The tapes may be rescued as Ted and I noticed that the footage exhibited different 'smudges' when we watched them multiple times. He is going to try loading the tapes from a different camera...NOT A CANON POSXL1. Any way, the gang did great without me and I will post the Lana photos below. We may be filming next Saturday if Ted can not rescue the footage.


Michael G Clark said...

Nice pics again, I like the action shots.

Yes, the Canon Xl1 is the devil's own tool to use. It's great as a pick up device if you have an extra monitor/lens/filters/hood and its plugged directly into an external VTR or data device. That just adds an extra $75,000 on to the price of the $2,000 camera.

Even the Canon H1 is tricky to use with it's little comedy viewfinder.

Michael G Clark said...

Hi Allen,

Currently doing animations (between all my other film work and stuff) I just needed to check I've got the right format for you. I'm rendering 30fps at 720x480 for NTSC output. Is this ok?

Not sure how much stuff you need so I'm just doing everything from idyllic city to scary bad clouds and general badness.

allen said...

That should do GREAT! Can't wait. Ted says that the out put should be perfect...anychance a 'flyer' could get struck by lightning?

Michael G Clark said...

Hi, working on the lightning strike.

The Planet, DVD was sent out 2 weeks ago by airmail. It should be with you soon. I've noticed recently that anything we send to the states take a lot longer than it used to and sometimes has been molested by customs. I really should stop putting Mr Osama Bin Laden on the return address!

allen said...

Great news, Mr. Bin. Thanks. Can't wait to see the movie and the stuff you are doing.