Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sally has been working on some more images...

...for the Darkness Aftermath graphic novel.


Lauren Reeser said...

I love your newest costume! It's my favorite of the whole film, I think. She has such a matronly it!
So what are you going to be for Halloween, hmmm???

allen said...

Well...let's see...I've been a pirate, an alien, a gangster...not sure this year...last year was my turn to pass out candy, so no costume. This year I will most likely have something to wear. My eldest wants to be an American revolutionary soldiers while my youngest is contemplating the complexities of a zombie costume or a Tuscan Raider from Star Wars...ah, to be really young again.

The costume for Susie was designed with her in mind - though I was not able to complete the feather head dress in time for the shoot. I wanted to have something that looked royal and powerful. Most of the strong characters in the film are women and she needed to come across as wise and powerful, but also as someone who could not get physically involved with the fighting...due to Susie's health, we could not have her under the rain rack. She became quite ill during the shoot but carried on despite the illness and we have a beautiful scene with her and Danielle.