Monday, August 06, 2007

Sorta in a bad mood tonight...

We had, as those of you who have read the last post, one of the best shoots last Sunday. Tonight Ted informed me that there were some glitches in the tape...I am trying not to be too angry, but I am ready to seek out a new camera. I am thankful to Jim for letting us use the Canon XL1, but it has so many problems, problems that are due to people treating the camera like a football, (not my people and certainly not Jim) that I can no longer trust it. There is no way we can reshoot last Sunday and I only hope that Ted can save the footage.

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Michael G Clark said...

Sorry to hear about the tape problems, we had those too with the XL1. Mini dv is a fiddly little tape unless you get the very expensive master quality ones.

Mark is currently looking at hard disk of flash drive based systems as tape is the weakest link.