Sunday, November 04, 2007

Old school vs. New school

I'm an old school editor. I learned to edit on an old Bell and Howel (sp?) reel to reel splicer and as a teenager had my walls covered with strips of 8mm film. Now, working on Premiere (I first did non-linear editing on an Avid) I am amazed at how fast and how slow it can go. I am glad to have cut my teeth on actual film. I think that it has made me a better editor, but this new technology the kids call com-pute-ers is really some awesome stuff. We used to joke about our films and say "we'll fix it in post" but now we actually can. And I don't mean 'making the film' in post. I'm talking about color balance and cropping and frame rates. WOW!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I used to have a piece of kit called the AGFA Family which had a great projector/viewer but a really naff camera, I bought another cine camera which could shoot 9/18/24/32 and 64 fps it also had a single frame mode and a great intervalometer.

allen said...

COOL! My 8mm shot 18/24 and (oddly) 72 fps. It also had single frame and we shot "LEGO WARS" that way.

Michael G Clark said...

I think that's the same one I had as a youngster. Projector was Bell too. I made about 10 star wars figure films, one with real snow in my bedroom.

I'm still a total retard.