Monday, November 26, 2007

Sometimes life is sorta a drag...

I'm an optimistic sorta chap, but it seems we are missing some scenes that I KNOW we shot. On top of that, I have a pick up scene that I was planning on shooting in a local park. I decided to be professional and ask permission to shoot for two hours in the park just to make sure no one would get their undies in a knot. Now, after being bounced around to four different agencies, I have to answer such questions as

Who is the project for and what is the specific intended use of the footage?
How large is the production crew?
How many hours or days will the production crew be on site for scouting, set-up and filming?
Do they anticipate filming outside regular business hours and, if so, when and why?
How many vehicles is the crew planning to bring?
Is electrical power needed and, if so, how much?
Where does the production crew expect to film?
Does the crew expect to film people participating in activities or scenery and buildings, or both?
Will there be any special equipment, sets or props used on-site in the production?
Does the crew anticipate requesting any road, trail or facility closures during the production?
Will there be a need for security, traffic control or crowd control?
Will there be any use of noisy equipment or props that would interfere with regular visitors’ experience?
Has the coordinator been provided with a property regulations booklet and has he/she reviewed that booklet?

And yet here is what I asked for...

I am an Instructor of Art at IPFW. I have been working with a group of
students on an independent movie project. We are a few quick shots away
from being finished with our production. As a teenager I used to enjoy
hiking around Salamonie Reservoir and I recalled a few locations that
would suit our needs to complete shooting. I read through the rules and
found no restrictions re: cameras or movie making, but I wanted to make
sure that what we had in mind was legal and within the standards you have
set. The scenes are simply a person walking/hiking through various
locations. There are no props or set ups, we just want to use the
location. There would only be a crew of three (camera operator,
director, gaffer) and the one actor. We would only be there an hour or
two and use only a Canon XL1 and a tripod (no lights,cables, external
batteries or sound equipment). We would like to shoot Sunday, Dec. 2 in
the afternoon.


Allen Etter


Sometimes life just makes you WHERE IS MY MISSING FOOTAGE!


Michael G Clark said...

Looks like the standard questions for filming in public areas, we've had to go through the same sort of stuff. It's just to cover them on all legal grounds.

So we usually run in and film anyway. If there's only a few of you with a wee camera you can film and run away quickly.

allen said...

We normally do that, but the area we want to shoot in is WAY in the back of the camp and we thought a car chase, while looking good on tape, might not fit in to the story too well. Glad to see you're alive after the explosion. How many balloons were killed?

Michael G Clark said...

Hi, not many balloons mainly small charges and gasoline. A couple of safe restrained explosions of about 20 foot high.

Most of the day was spent pushing fags about, sorry cigarettes, for some close ups.