Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BIOS - Everyone who 'died', 'died' for free - Leigh Meadows

Liegh was a student who went to the school that my wife worked at. She and her twin sister (Death Runner Katie) were both interested in the movie and asked to be in it. After a brief costume fit at our house, they arrived and went right to work. Liegh lucked out. The one day she was on location shooting, lightining had struck near by and the house we had the hoses hooked to (to opperate our rain rack) lost power. The pump, then, was out and she did not get to soak her with icy water. She was, however, covered many times with sticky strawberry syrup for her death scene.

Disclaimer: No actual actors were killed during the making of this movie...that we know of.


jonzig said...

Are you adding rain digitally?

allen said...

Some, yes. Unfortunately some scenes just didn't get the rain we wanted so Tedd and I have been working with After Effects.