Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Got internet back!

And then tonight I dropped off my keys and other stuff at my old job and walked out for the last time...it felt good. I reached into my pocket to pull out the keys to my truck and realized that I was holding the key to my new office. YEAH!

old job office - basement storage closet that I share with two other guys. It is also the storage closet for old paper that no one wants to throw away even tho it is rotting. Also, low ceilings and a strange pipe that constantly hisses. Plus the room is about the size of an average bathroom.

new job office - upstairs room with my desk next to a window. I will have a computer that works and isn't 1,000 years old. I share the room with others but they have their own desks. There is a sink and shelves and (oddly enough) no old, rotting paper! I also get my name on the wall outside of my door. Plus the whole dang thing isn't in a low ceiling, black walled basement!


Michael G Clark said...

Lots of luck with the new job, it sounds a lot better.

I worked for an oil exploration company a few years ago, it was ok for a while but one time when I came back from a vacation I found I'd been relocated to the printer room (a long windowless cupboard). I left pretty soon after.

Change is good.

allen said...

It's a great feeling to be respected at work. I actually can't wait to start teaching my new classes this fall.

Ric said...

I'm really happy for you getting away from the other job. It was kind of an emotional sinkhole for you.

Nothing like working in an environment were no matter what you do, it could be arbitrarily deemed wrong.

At least that's the way I saw it.

allen said...

You are correct, sir. That's my best Ed McMan impersonation.

"emotional sinkhole" is an accurate way to describe it.