Sunday, July 06, 2008

I think my brain just threw up

I just read this on re: the AKIRA live action remake.

"Two part Live action film based on the six volume Manga Akira. This first film, due for a 2009 release, will be based on the first three volumes of the Manga.

Set in New-Manhattan a city rebuilt with Japanese money, the story focuses on two biker friends. Further plot is not known at this time."

NEW MANHATTAN? BUILT WITH JAPANESE MONEY? FURTHER PLOT NOT KNOW? And worse yet, Leonardo Decaprio is rumored to be in it. WHY?!?! (drops to knees and raises fists ti the cloudy skies) KAHN! KAHN! KA- oh wait...inspired by Jon there for a moment. (shouts) NO! NO! NO!


jonzig said...

It happens, luckily for everyone any inspiration induced by me is very short-lived.

I never understood why hollywood feels it necessary to screw with everything... Aeon Flux anyone? Next they'll want a live action Invader Zim!

Let me know if/when you'll be doing some ADR, I'd like to sit in on some of it.

hmm... my word verification is 'fntpkig'... that seems dirty for some reason...

allen said...

As soon as Studio M is back up and running, Matt and I will post a schedule and you can drop by.

Michael G Clark said...

When is the live action sponge bob coming out?

I hear John Goodman is in the title role. Or did I just make that up?

allen said...

SHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't give them any ideas.