Thursday, December 20, 2007

BLADE RUNNER finally arrived...

I'm sure I'll have multiple interruptions all night long, but I'm going to watch as much of this as I can tonight. Tomorrow I'll be a mess, but who cares. Long time coming!


Michael G Clark said...

Oh wow! You even get a spinner!

Spinners are top flying cars ever.

I've seen the new (final) cut of BR and it's mostly pretty smart. Good to see Scott didn't do a Lucas on it and have a CG talking sheep as Deckard's side kick.

allen said...

Exactly. The only CG I noticed was Ford's mouth NOT moving when the "Egyptian" snake seller is giving up Taffy Lewis' name.

The replacement of Zora's "Stunt" double was also a nice touch. I've watched the work print (a tad disappointing) and all of the documentaries on disc 2. Tonight I'll hit the original American release and then the European release.