Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Trust the Director? Are you NUTS?

So there I am in costume (I'm to play the part of a guardian that lives out side of Switch's lair and I try to stop Gwen from entering) the arm raps and all with a horse skull attached to my right hand as a club of sorts. The rain is pouring down and it's a tad less than 40 degrees. Oh yeah, I'm standing in about eighteen inches of water. I suddenly wonder to myself, "Do I look like a dork in this outfit? I mean, come on, I have a HORSE SKULL tied onto my hand!" But then I relax and tell myself what I always tell the actors. "Trust the Director"...Then, as I realize that I am the director, and I shout "Action" to Lana and Danielle, I wonder to myself..."Do I look like a dork in this outfit? Ooh boy."

On a side note, Danielle strong point isn't kicking (as she was supposed to kick me in the side but barely made contact) but she can elbow a guy in the back rather convincingly. I have the bruises and scratches to prove it.

Also, there was too much rain so Lana did not get a picture of me.

but these pictures are cool.


jonzig said...

I'm going to predict one of your upcoming posts will include the word 'pneumonia'.

allen said...

We're all healthy! In fact, we're going back again next week for some more mud and ice cold water!